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Weeks Four Five and Six

Budapest 3

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More views of Kecskemet

The plaster experience

Other rooms at the ICS

The library focuses on Eastern European, mainly Hungarian publications, re: ceramics, art and art history and some Soviet-era books, as well as ceramic magazines from all over……publications  not to be found at home….trying to spend a bit of every evening here.

March 15th, 1848 – a National Holiday.

It was crowded, with brisk winds and bright light, and people were attentive to the ceremony taking place in the town square as groups stepped forward to place bouquets, and boughs of evergreens.

Outside at ICS, Inside studio shots.

The Danish invasion

In early March, Bettina Schori walked through the kitchen area of the International Ceramics Studio, in Kecskemet , Hungary where she and four other Danish artists had just arrived to set up,  GLASSGOLDRUBBER&RECYCLING,  their exhibition at the Museion Gallery that is attached to the ICS.  We started chatting, and then we had a beer and then, before I knew it, Mary and I were out for the first of 2 grand dinners, courtesy of the Danish Consulate. We had a wonderful time with this very interesting group of artists who use recycled materials in their constructions.  The exhibition was elegant, the pieces were beautifully made, well designed, and witty, and were intended to nudge the viewer into thinking about the environment.

Jeanette Lopez-Zepeda

Bettina Schori        

Ellis Hinz-Berg

Gitte Helle                 

Lisbeth Nordskov        

Lorne Villaume        

First Studio Day