First weeks at Shigaraki Cultural Park

Mary and I arrived at Shigaraki exactly 4 weeks ago today….it was cold and raining then, and the first morning it snowed. And to our disbelief, it tried to snow again today. Today I loaded my first reduction glaze kiln of all my dried and bisqued work, with some of Mary’s tests. So, will any of my sig’s have any colour or character?? I have used wood ash and soda ash as fluxes instead of my trusty colemonite. Meanwhile, there are five more days of making, before my last bisque.

At any residency, my goal is to respond to the place.  Japan is a country filled with traditional beliefs, spirits and myths, – how to respond to that, as a secular person?  The traditional roofs are resonant of Japanese beliefs, they are heavy and protective, embedded with emblems and demons to ward off evil – a different approach from European traditional roofs, which are practical.  I have also been playing around with an East West face….
Now it is the last 2 weeks before the end of the residency and  before Terry arrives!