Ist week, March 2013

It has been like a home-coming, with easy flights, and Steve waiting at the Budapest airport. The drive was long enough to get caught up on some ICS news, and suddenly back in the courtyards and saying hello to old friends. I was given the same studio, with a space for Mary when she arrives in a month. It seems remarkable to be back and how familiar it feels.

There was huge hustle and bustle that afternoon, as Roswitha Geyer was preparing food for Imre Schrammel’s opening that night  – to mark his 80th birthday. It was unexpected to see them both here. A huge crowd arrived by 6 pm to the Museion Gallery. After seeing the exhibition I went off to Kisbugaci Etterem for goulash and beer.

Next day started right away with mould making – brought 4 babies with me, and then will make moulds of  ‘city’ components – sidewalks, walls, trees etc

Snow started on Thursday night, and we were nicely snowed in for the Hungarian Holiday of  the Uprising on March 15th [1848]. All celebrations were cancelled. I had to do a second set of moulds but have been casting away. I look froward to compiling the mould images this next week.