Leach Pottery 2014, Finished Work and More Images

I was so relieved and so pleased that there were 7 surviving pieces.  In the case where I made the tiles and attached the horses’s legs  – the tiles suffered some cracking – not surprisingly.  I got smart and made the last 4 horse and riders detached – so they could be cemented onto a standardized earthenware tile.

There was a huge and beautiful  Pine tree outside the window, that could be seen from the kitchen and from the studio window.  I had to try and include it in the body of work.  I would have liked to continue working, making montages of horses and trees – using a drawing of Leach’s,  but time ran out.  In the end, the Leach Pottery has kept the naked Leach, the Hamada and the Janet tiles.  A collector has placed the Leach in Tweed on his roof, replacing Leach’s  1930s Horse and Rider2.  Alex has the guy with toque for her roof, and The Winds Of St Ives – aka – Windy – has been cemented in place over the Leach shop door.  I can’t say how pleased I am at these outcomes.  Peter and I continue to work on our joint article.  I am very curious to read the research that Peter will have done.  My heartfelt thanks to Alex, and to Julia and everyone at the Leach who made this residency such a wonderful experience.