Leach Pottery 2014, Making the Horse and Rider Tiles

My residency was only for one month, and I worked fast, trying various methods to capture something of Leach’s horses, which had some echo of the traditional horse and riders, particularly in the horse head shape. I made 7 pieces, plus 2 tree sculptures [looking at the great tree out the window] and 10 or so test babies, to leave behind as gifts.
I had to fire every piece while it was still leather hard in the small electric Kiln in my studio. Kat Wheeler, resident potter, and I figured out how to over-ride the computer so the heat could rise very very slowly. I only blew up one horse and rider – surprisingly, my least favourite.
Here are a few images of the horse and riders, the studio, and the  line up of 19 days work… Carol Mayer, curator of the Museum of Anthropology at UBC, came to meet Julia Twomlow, and to visit with me, and we spent several wine-tasting evenings in the Queen’s Hotel Bar.