‘Midnight in the Nursery’ exhibit Oct. 14 – Nov. 7 2010

This exhibition is transitional.  I am somewhere between 2 different ways of practicing, showing pieces that are one-of-a-kind, and hand built,  and pieces made using my moulds. The exhibition is at the Port Moody Arts Centre.

Debra and Marcia’s statement

Debra spotted Marcia’s wild red shoes on the first day of their childrens’ preschool. They have remained friends ever since. As artists they recognized a similar undercurrent in their distinctly different art practices.
This exhibition dwells on the shadowed side of childhood, and the impetus is experience and memory. These constructions, disquieting and humorous, come out of the artists’ own experience, and are accelerated by witnessing their children’s.
Sometimes there is no peace in the dark. The nursery is not always a refuge at midnight.

Debra’s Statement:
The nursery is a metaphor for the realm of childhood.
We hope that the nursery is a safe and good place but we remember that it is also where fear, sorrow and conflict occur.
My babies are a metaphor for us, and the infant within each of us that marks our beginning and remains with us till our end. Childhood is a precarious place, and ceramics and childhood both exist in a state of fragility.