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Has opened up the Second Edition of Seeking the Nuance being finished and printed. We will be launching it in March 2017.
Mary and I left in early January for the ICS in Hungary for our 3rd residency. We started by working with Gabriella Kuzsel, in a small village near Oriszentpeter in western Hungary, honing mould making skills, as Gabi is an expert. After a week in snow and ice with Gabi and Steve Mattison, we travelled onto Budapest for a short lovely visit, with ice on the Danube, and then onto the ICS. I wanted to work with Zsolnay materials for making coloured ridge tiles, however I learned that the factory has stopped production of these specialized clays and glazes. I ended up working with antique Hungarian roof tiles that were located by Jakab Kis, one of the technicians at the ICS. Using coloured slips and clear glazes, I made my own coloured pieces. The kiln is being fired as I write this.

I have been working on final drafts of another article on the Roof tiles in Cornwall, and hope to send that to be published soon.

2016 opened with the news that one of my pieces in the Ceramart Collection in Cluj-Napoca,Romania, was selected for an exhibit, “Inner Connections” in Bucharest. A lovely way to start the year.

Barry Morrison of Studio Ceramics Canada invited me as a guest contributor, to write about Thomas Kakinuma. It was a delight to write about such an interesting artist and it was published in July 2016

The interminable article “Bernard Leach’s Equestrian Roof Tiles and Their Location in the West Country.” [What a title!!] co-written with Pwter Smith, was published in FUSION in 2016, though there are errors in some of the labelling which have not been corrected. It is an online version only.

It was lovely to see everyone at the Leach in the fall of 2015, and spend time with Alex Lambley – she is still working on the final drafts of her PHD on the BC Leach apprentices. Yeah!

The Leach Pottery never stops giving….John Bedding has just let me know that the potters at the Leach wanted one of my equestrian sculptures as the MOJO, or kiln god, to be placed on top of their new gas kiln. So neat, but now responsibility for the good, the bad and the ugly will be passed onto my Horseman……
Bedding has also asked it I will write an article for the local St Ives newspapers about the history of the Equestrian roof tiles, to be published during the 2017 exhibition at the Tate,St Ives.

In 2015 I was given the ‘Hilde Gerson Award’ by the Craft Council of BC. Mary Daniel went to the trouble of nominating me. Thank you Mary!! I am so very honoured. Hilde Gerson, herself a fine weaver, was an exemplary craftsperson and volunteer for the the Crafts Association of BC. We became good friends during the early 80s, when Gail Rogers was the Executive Director, and we were all fundraising to move the CABC to Granville Island. The CABC became the Craft Council of BC in the 2000s.

Congratulations to our 2015 Hilde Gerson Award winner Debra Sloan!

Later in 2015, the CCBC then nominated me to the Mayor’s Arts Awards, [City of Vancouver] and I am the 2015 Honouree for Craft and Design. In turn, I was asked to nominate an emerging artist, and was delighted to nominate Samantha Knopp, an inventive and highly skilled ceramicist, and active volunteer. My son, Jasper Sloan Yip, accepted the award on my behalf, as I was in Rome at C.R.E.T.A., for a six week residency with my travel buddy, Mary Daniel.>a

Mary and I had an extraordinary 6-week residency at C.R.E.T.A. in Rome, September to November 2015. We shared the space with Irish American sculptor, Nuala Creed. It was a challenging space – small – but an extraordinary opportunity, living in central Rome, surrounded by antiquity, art and food, and working towards an exhibition. Thank you to our generous and knowledgable hosts, Lori-Ann Touchette and Paolo Porelli,….[they are currently at Kansa City at the Red Star Studio, for their own residency]…We had a grand time with Nuala! and we are still shaking our heads….were we really in the Eternal City???


Debra would like to thank KENJI NAGI and GORAN BASARIC and TED CLARKE of ‘Image this Photographics Inc, for their beautiful images, and MATT TYAS for his photography of St Ives work and the traditional horse and rider tiles.

Debra Sloan is married to Terry Yip, with four children – all Sloan Yips – Isabel Evelyn [1985 ]  Jasper Vandervoort [1987]   Maxwell Alexander [1989] and  Cooper Sills [1989].