Some of the people and events at the ICS

Our time at the ICS is drawing to a close and Mary and I are very grateful for being able to study and work at this remarkable facility. As wonderful as the facility is , it is the people who make it really work.  The exemplary Staff  have done everything they can to assist us with our work, and we have become good friends.  the same is true of our fellow artists.  we all shared information and experiences, and assisted each other when ever possible and will remain in contact.

Betul Aytepe has just moved to Cappodokia to teach at the new Ceramics Department at the University. She seems to love it and I saw on her facebook that she has just won an award.

Margaret Kenway Haydon is the Head of the Ceramics Department at the Wyoming University, and hopes to travel to Russia to continue her studies on her beloved, but endangered  sturgen fish

Kazu Kukita has started a ceramic residency in Denmark, and will continue to search for a perfect place to build a studio.

Ed Bentley of Cumbria UK, continues to run his successful mould design business, see

Contacts for the Danish recycling artists can be found on the “Danish Invasion” page.

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