Problems with ankles

I have been trying to incorporate the bodies and architectural backgrounds, and have longed to use the hands up babies as caryatids. Here is a goup holding up a friieze, but obviously there is too much weight, and is so top heavy that it snaps off the babies at the ankles.  Making it upside down still presents difficulties…so I took pics as the babies holding up the  frieze was still  standing, and then had to tear it down.  It seems irresistible to add a few Canadian animals to the Euro-mix.  Now I will try and place the babies inside the walls, and throwing in some modern architecture too….These are time consuming to construct, and I am not sure whether they are worth the trouble in terms of conveying what I want

We had more snow, a blow-in-the-face snowfall, but makes for great pics. Its snowed for 2 and a half days, and took another day or 2 to clear off.