Up on the Roof, Bernard Leach and the Equestrian Tile Tradition

by Debra Sloan and Peter Smith
This is an in-depth look at traditional equestrian clay ridge tiles that from the middle ages used to adorn rooflines in England and Northern Europe. The practice had died out by the early 1800s, and the last remnants are found only in museums in the West Country. Up on the Roof recounts how, Bernard Leach and members of the Old Cornwall Society, reintroduced the tradition during the first half of the 20th century. Their tiles, some of which are still on roofs in St. Ives, have received little attention for the last eighty years, and once again the tradition was in danger of being lost. https://www.mansfieldceramics.com/cap-articles/bernard-leachs-equestrian-roof-tiles-and-their-location-within-west-counrty-traditions/
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