Visit by the Asuur Keraamika group from Tallin, Estonia

Late on Wednesday night the Asuur group arrived at the ICS after escaping a snow storm in Poland as they were traveling from Tallin. They parked their caravan in the back and prepared for their interactive ‘raku’ firing that they were presenting to the ICS on Friday night.  It was a great event, with lots of people and the media.  Centre and front was their ingenious travelling book-like kiln. When opened there are fired symbolic shapes to hold small offerings during the firing.  If you look closely you will see a baby in the lower right side, glowing away.  I asked them to let the baby travel with them.

The Asuur group is traveling to ceramic centres around Eastern Europe [see] for route, to celebrate their 20 year anniversary, and to embrace ceramicists everywhere.  After the opening of the kiln, and a glowing

raku heart being taken out and presented to the ICS, we went on to enjoy a wonderful Goulash made by Zsolt Szegedi, and his students,  and his wife, Ildiko’s delicious dessert, a Kecskemet speciality called the lazy wife’s dessert, and fab Palinka made by Jakab’s Uncle. Tomorrow Asuur Keraamika travels off to Croatia.