Week 2, getting settled, making a palette


It is now Good Friday, and I am in my 3rd week.  Mary has just arrived in London for 10 days before coming here.

I have been working 10-12 hours a day before heading off to dins, most nights, with David Vladimir Wolf, from Israel, and Kahlil Irving, from Kansas City Art Institute, both exchange students.

It took 12 full days to break down the clays to make slips, add colourants, and make the tests.  I used both Herend, high-fire, and the white Creaton, mid-fire, as bases.  I used about 10 small babies as tests, and a couple of mid-size babies.  I also made tiles with the tests. [Klara found some of my old tests on the red Creaton, from 2010, that I had left behind.  I will also leave these behind for anyone who prefers slips to glaze.] During those 12 days I also made about 13 moulds, 25 casts, and a couple of pieces from the casts.  But I would note to myself, that 12-14 days are still needed to establish the beginnings of a palette…and they are only in a bisque kiln now, not gas fired yet.  So everything I do for the next week is done on faith that my mixtures will fit and the colours will be acceptable.

Last night, despite being exhausted form making countless grant applications this month,  Emese took David,  Kahlil and I to a concert at the Helyszin Reformatus Ujkollegium , the handsome Calvinist School, on the Square, where her son attended.  The Turkish ambassador had arranged a concert with, Sefika Kutluer, and Varallyay Agnes, a Turkish flutist and an Hungarian pianist, both wonderful players.  The hall was packed, with dignitaries and music lovers alike. Ms Kutluer’s flute has a round rich tone, and we parituclarily liked the Turkish piece by Ekrem Zeki Un. Cultural events in Kecskemet are so well attended, and with people who are involved and interested.

This weekend, I am alone in this building, which is novel, and rather nice, and David and Kahlil have the student building to themselves, as everyone has gone home for the Easter long weekend.  I look forward to a lot of bells on Easter Sunday