Kecskemet – Week 7 continues…. Kahlil’s 21st, Naked Raku results, Mary and Tim’s last evenings

David Wolf and Botos Balazs were the main chefs for Kahlil’s 21st, a cookup by the kiln, launched with Palinka, and onwards into the small hours.  Kahlil will finally be legal in the USA!!

Tim wound up his ‘naked raku’ class with a marathon of firings on a very hot day, and there were a lot of whistles made in Ban Mariann’s class included in the firings.  Gessler Maria came and did her own marathon preparation and firing in the big gas.  We marked Mary’s departure with a cello concert at the Calvinist School and a dins later at the Rosemary restaurant.   It was very strange to say goodbye to Mary, who left very early in the morning by local taxi, and she is much missed.  

The next evening there was a cook-up  for Tim’s departure, a supper in the inner courtyard on a summer-like evening.

Mary got some impressive results from her firing, and was very pleased to see her paper clay forms held up well!!

I have been making some more architectural forms with figures in them, and am interested in the results. Fairly pleased with glaze results, but
colours still not under control.