Kecskemet – Week 8 -Studio repairs, time with Ban Mariann, David leaves, finishing up work,

Once again the Studio has quieted down.  Botos Balazs and  Stohner Marton  continue to make repairs in the old glass studio – a great project to restore the old glass studios.  They have been working away at this for months.  It will make a wonderful space for their future slip-cast business.  Zsolt Szegedi, the Studio Director,  has been facilitating many repairs around the ICS.

I spent a delightful week with Ban Marinann as my studio neighbour.  We scoured the Kecskemet flea market with Kahlil Irving and David Wolf, kindly acting as sherpas, carrying rugs Mariann had bargained for.  I found some wonderful pots and charming aprons.   Mariann also took me to our local market – she knew where to find the best bread, coffee, eggs etc…..and we took in a movie – a beautiful old art deco film house steps from the ICS…and we have had lots of fab asparagus soups. Bibo gifted Mariann with 2 baby chicks, and Kis Jakab and Kiraly Klari came up with a chicken coop pronto.

Sadly for those of us remaining at the Studio, David V. Wolf returned to Israel this week.   I have never seen such a carefully packed trunk! Wish I had taken a picture.

Jakab, Klari and Balazs have been working all week packing up the selected works for the major exhibition  – “Art From the Cloister of Clay” at the Iparmuveszeti Muzeum, the Applied Arts Mueum in Budapest.  They have made at least 4 trips back and forth to Budapest in the truck and trailer.  It is an important exhibition for the ICS,  opening on June 16th…on till September 1.  Meanwhile I was working hard to finish up work for the last kiln…..and ended up with so much work I filled the Lazer and a small hi-fire electric.  It is a somewhat melancholy time, winding up a residency, thinking about deconstructing  a temporary home. However I am looking forward to Terry’s arrival in a few days!